The Bisq Team is the collection of the most active contributors.
But there are many more who have contributed. Those are listed under Alumni in case they are not active anymore and under Contributors in case the contribution is not of a permanent nature.

What unites us all is the passion for building a better world with the tools provided by a decentralized and privacy protecting technology.

Manfred KarrerMats-Erik Pistol
Mihail MihaylovKen Shishido


Chris Beams
Chris contributed a lot to improve the software architecture, did project management and helped communicating the project. The great voice behind the explainer video is his.

Lloyd Johnson
Lloyd did a great job to build up the Bisq webpage. He helped as well to communicate the ideas of Bisq at meetups and gave his voice at an introduction video.

Steve Myers
Steve helped to get the team organized and was also active on the development side.

Richard Myers
Richard did some great interviews and helped to get the word out about Bisq.

Thomas Bocek
Thomas, the author of TomP2P (the DHT library we used initially) worked on fixing Nat traversial issues. As we move to another P2P network solution with Tor he is not directly active for Bisq anymore.


In addition to our core team Bisq is thankful for those who have contributed their skills and expertise. We would like to make special thanks to:

Aleix Ripol
For setting up a forum, work on the webpage and spreading the word.

Adam Gibson, dansmith and oakpacific
The developers behind TLS Notary which will be used for the arbitration system.

Bernd Prünster
For helping on the P2P network concept using Tor proxies.

Florin Braghis
For advices on P2P network topics, code review and discussions about software architecture.

Aljoscha Schulze
For usability tests, proof reading, conceptual advice and discussions about ideas beyond Bisq.

Christian Decker
For advices on P2P network topics.

Joachim Neumann
For helping with usability and conceptual refinements from the very beginning.

Markus Oswald
For the Bisq logo redesign.

Hannes Stockner
For valuable discussions and analysis about the software architecture of the trade process.

Stan Stavrev
For donating a laptop to support our testing infrastructure.

Arthus S. Falls
For his repeated awesome endorsements at his great Let’s Talk Bitcoin – Beyond Bitcoin shows.

For his persistent support in helping to spread the word about Bisq.

Bitcoin Foundation Italia
For adding Bisq to their supported projects for receiving the membership fee.

For supporting open source projects with free SSL certificates.

For supporting open source projects with a free IntelliJ IDEA OS license.

Our special thank to all the generous pledgers at our crowdfunding campaign which unfortunately failed to reach its goal.

We would like also to thank many others for contributing to our Github repository, on the mailing list and also those who are helping us spread the word!


Would you like to participate in Bisq? We are actively looking for contributors, especially from highly skilled Java developers. Please visit our contribution page to learn more.